Fine White Sand Beachfront in El Nido for Sale
(Code: BF-7103)
El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
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Fine White Sand Beachfront in El Nido

The property is one of the three beachfront properties located in a small cove of approx. 300 metre. It connects during low tide to a longer cove of approx. 800 m to the north. Together they comprise Diapila bay/village - the northernmost bay/village on the west side of El Nido in Barangay Teneguiban. Around 500 people of mostly fishermen and traditional boat builders live in Diapila. The village occupies the northern bay while the property is on the last beach of the southern bay. It is near enough to have access to a community with a primary school yet far enough to offer privacy with hardly anyone walking past the beach. Secluded yet not completely cut-off.

The property is NOT titled and the price reflects that. All the land properties in the village of Diapila have not been released for titling by the government. What is on offer is a land with rights to possess and occupy with supporting documentations from relevant government agencies. Its land status is similar to the lands in other tourist areas such as Boracay and the islands around Bacuit Bay of El Nido.

Per Supreme Court GR No. 167707 ruling in 2008, “Lack of title does not necessarily mean lack of right to possess. For one thing, those with lawful possession may claim good faith as builders of improvements. They can take steps to preserve or protect their possession. For another, they may look into other modes of applying for original registration of title, such as by homestead or sales patent subject to the conditions imposed by law.”

Therefore, no tax declaration applies to the land itself. However, when you build a house you will own the structure and will therefore be subject to tax declaration.

The property is zoned for agricultural/residential development by the government and investing in development activities which provide local employment is welcome. It is not designated as a protected area. Still without such designation you would want to preserve its beauty by being mindful and sympathetic to the environment when you develop the property.

A riprap is built on the side fronting the beach and a temporary fencing is installed around it. The photos do not show perimeter fencing as they were taken before it was installed. The access by land is from the village through a communal right of way to the beach on the longer cove. It is more stunning to access it by boat as it feels private and secluded. To clarify, access to the property whether by land or sea is through the front of the property. There is no access from the back.

The property is a beautiful hideaway and the beach is naturally clean from natural and man-made debris all year round. There is a natural water source on the ground and power is either by solar and/or power generator which is commonly available in Palawan. Mobile access is patchy but it’s there. Next property but one, small resort-type cabanas are being built on a hill owned by a contractor from Manila. He can provide assistance and tips if you build a structure on the property or build one for you.

Absolutely super attractive during bright sunny days and hauntingly moody during cloudy or stormy days. You can view the property in your own time. I will provide you with instructions on how to get there and you will be able to identify and inspect the property independently.

Please contact me only if you are in an immediate position to proceed. In my opinion, those who are familiar with the properties in and around El Nido are in a better position to understand the value of what is on offer and are better able to make an informed decision.

More photos here.

LOCATION El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
About Palawan Province | Map of Palawan Province
LOT AREA 2,264 sq.m. plus foreshore
BEACH FRONTAGE around 67 meters
PROP. TYPE Beachfront
SPECIAL FEATURES Picture perfect beachfront with crystal clear water. The area of the property is 2,264 sqm roughly rectangular in shape with 67 metres of white sand beach. The land is dotted with tropical coconut trees It is located around one hour from the town of El Nido and 45 minutes from Lio airport by land or by boat.
PRICE PHP 2.8 Million

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PREP./ELEM. 10 minutes
AIRPORT El Nido (45 minutes)
CAPITAL CITY Puerto Princesa
THIS PROPERTY: Code: BF-7103 (Fine White Sand Beachfront in El Nido for Sale - Palawan)
SELLER: Lourdes Gallardo

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