Coconut Farm and Banana Plantation in Victoria,
Northern Samar (Code: AG-3046)
Victoria, Northern Samar, Philippines
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Discover a promising opportunity to own a thriving coconut farm with banana trees in the picturesque municipality of Victoria, Northern Samar, Philippines. This expansive property spans an impressive area of 75,380 square meters, providing ample space for various agricultural activities.

The centerpiece of this property is its flourishing coconut plantation, boasting a diverse range of mature coconut trees. These majestic palms not only contribute to the scenic landscape but also offer the potential for a steady and profitable yield of coconut products. Additionally, the property features a selection of banana trees, adding further diversity to the agricultural offerings.

This property has a clean title and up-to-date payment of taxes.

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LOCATION Victoria, Northern Samar, Philippines
About Northern Samar Province | Map of Northern Samar Province
LOT AREA 75,380 sq.m.
PROP. TYPE Agricultural Land
PRODUCTS Coconuts: The property features a flourishing coconut plantation with mature coconut trees. The main product offered is coconuts, which can be harvested and sold for various purposes, including fresh consumption.

Bananas: The property also includes a selection of banana trees. The main product offered is bananas, which can be harvested and sold as fresh produce.

PHP 5 Million

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THIS PROPERTY: Code: AG-3046 (Coconut Farm and Banana Plantation in Victoria, Northern Samar)
CONTACT NUMBER: 09815978215

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