Negros Oriental (with Dumaguete) is One of the World’s Best Islands to Live On

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The most trusted travel publications and is also one of the widest circulated magazine in the United States, the Island Magazine, listed Negros Oriental as one of the 20 best islands to live on. Negros Oriental joined the list of of other world renowned exotic places such as Gozo in Malta, Carriacou in Grenada, the Grand Cayman and Vieques in Puerto Rico. Island magazine included Negros Oriental because this province offers a mix of complicated indigenous culture, friendly people, simple living and beautiful tourist attractions for adventure seekers. Island Magazine has approximately more than half a million readers and most of them are tourist and adventurers who love to travel on annual holiday and will stay in a place for the average of 1 week/7 days at any given vacation.

Island Magazine is looking for the best islands to live on and published in the August 2007 issue the 20 islands around the globe that have an excellent living conditions for foreigners who would like to travel or relocate to these places. The criteria in choosing the 20 best islands includes weather, languages spoken, ease of immigration and accessibility to hospitals. Expats were also interviewed for an insider’s opinion.

Island Magazine rated Negros Oriental three out of five flip-flops. The magazine noted Dumaguete City as the youthful vibe courtesy of the prominence of academic centers. The magazine also mentioned Dumaguete City’s Rizal Boulevard which is the longest boulevard in the country which is located in the seaside where cafes, restaurants and art galleries. The expats who lived in Negros Oriental always spoke of the great diving and scuba experiences that are waiting to be explored by divers and snorkelers.

Negros Oriental, with its capital Dumaguete is indeed a nice place to live. Dumaguete is also known as the “the city of gentle people”. Negros Oriental has many tourist attractions like world class beach resort, dives sites, famous landmarks and great mountain and wildlife attractions. Negros Oriental is more than just an attraction but the people play a great role in welcoming and making the travelers and tourist feel at home. The people in Negros Oriental are very hospitable and give a positive impression to the travelers. That is why some tourist want to stay longer in Negros Oriental.

Negros Oriental is part of Central Visayas Region that has many things to offer to tourist. Negros Oriental boasts to its world-class dive sites with beautiful, colorful and exotic marine wildlife around Apo Island which is located in the Negros Oriental Marine Conservation Park. Not only that, tourist will get a chance to see playful dolphins and pygmy sperm whales in Tañon Strait at Bais Bay. Negros Oriental also has Bird Sanctuary and Mangrove Park where bird watchers can get a good sightings of rare birds and wildlife. The province also boasts of spelunking, trekking and beach attractions.

Dumaguete City, the capital of Negros Oriental, is known for and pride itself as the “City of Gentle People”. The people in this are hospitable that helps create a tranquil and genteel way of life. People here makes Dumaguete City as a tourist-friendly and puts forth the world-famous Filipino brand of hospitality. Dumaguete City is also known as a University town, with several institutions of higher learning located in close proximity to each other and students comprising a fourth of the population. Most notable and popular is the Silliman University, the first Protestant college in the Philippines and the oldest American-established tertiary education center in Asia.



Negros Oriental (with Dumaguete) is One of the World’s Best Islands to Live On

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