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IslandsProperties.com is a real estate website owned and managed by IslandsWeb Online Services. It lists many beautiful properties for sale – such as beachfront properties, residential houses and lots, townhouses, condominiums, agricultural lands, and commercial properties – situated on various islands in the Philippines.


IslandsProperties.com has become buyers’ favorite website for real estate in the Philippines. It has been visited regularly by many people worldwide. The website attracts these people because it presents properties in its pages in the most informative way. It makes itself unique and attractive by presenting properties with lots of text and plenty of pictures to describe them.


IslandsProperties.com has also become the sellers’ choice for their property advertising needs. Because it is already listed among the TOP 10 and TOP 20 (using Philippine property-related keywords) in many major Internet Search Engines like Yahoo.com, Google.com, MSN.com, AOL.com, Lycos.com, Hotbot.com, etc., it guarantees the sellers high exposure of their properties worldwide. It assures them that their properties would be seen by the website’s targeted audience: foreign nationals married to Filipinas, Filipinos working abroad (about 4 million of them), and the local buyers.

The website is poised to become a premiere real estate portal in the Philippines.

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Licensed Real Estate Broker , IslandsProperties
    With 18+ years as a Licensed Real Estate Broker, I focus on...
Real Estate Agent, Property Listing Specialist , IslandsProperties
With over 12 years of dedicated expertise, I am your trusted agent and property...
Licensed Real Estate Broker
As a seasoned real estate broker of over 18 years, I bring over a...
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Vilma Iluminada V. Dulay


As Licensed Real Estate Brokers with over 20 years of experience, we specialize in facilitating property transactions in the vibrant locales of Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Palawan, Zambales, Quezon Province, Cebu and other parts of the Philippines. Since 2002, We have been dedicated to providing comprehensive real estate services, leveraging our expertise to assist clients in navigating the dynamic market landscape of these areas. With an in-depth understanding of local regulations, market trends, and property values, we offer personalized guidance to buyers, sellers, and investors alike. Whether you're seeking to purchase your dream home, sell a property for optimal returns, or explore lucrative investment opportunities, we are committed to delivering exceptional results tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

Bambi Temblor
Licensed Real Estate Broker
PRC REG. NO. 5687

RealPhil.com Realty Services
(Owner of IslandsProperties.com)

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