Vacant Lot with Rice Field for Sale (Code: RL-19A)
Pandan, Antique, Philippines

Vacant Lot with Rice Field, Lot Area:2,600 sq.m.

This property is along the road going to the Health Spring Tourist Spot and Resort (2nd cleanest water spring in the country according to the local tourism authorities). This is about 1000 meters away from the spring. Part of this property is a rice farm. The property is situated in a very peaceful place..


LOCATION Pandan, Antique, Philippines
Map of Aklan Province | About Aklan Province
LOT AREA 2,600 sq.m.
FRONTAGE (width) About 50 meters
PROP. TYPE Residential lot

Php 500 per sq. m.
Note about this price: The price is negotiable, but in cash basis.

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GROCERY STORES about 10 minutes by car
RESTAURANTS about 45 minutes by car
SHOPPING CENTER about 45 minutes by car
WET MARKET about 10 minutes by car
PREP./ELEM. SCHOOL about 2 min. walk
HIGH SCHOOL about 2 minutes by car
COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY about 45 minutes by car
HOSPITAL about 10 minutes by car
BEACH RESORT about 5 minutes by car
GOLF COURSE about 45 minutes by car
AIRPORT about 45 minutes by car
TOWN CENTER about 10 minutes by car
FAMOUS LANDMARK Malumpati Health Spring and tourist spot - about 10 mins. by car
REGIONAL CENTER Iloilo City - about 4 hours by car.
CAPITAL OF PROVINCE San Jose - about 120 mins. by car


THIS PROPERTY: Code:RL-19A (Vacant Lot with Rice Field For Sale - Antique)

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